WiX: Building a Patch using the new Patch Building System – Part 2

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  1. Peter Marcu posted a couple of items on his blog recently that I wanted to link to here so hopefully

  2. Peter Marcu posted a couple of items on his blog recently that I wanted to link to here so hopefully

  3. it help says:

    A really well explained article and has given me a nice idea for a project!

  4. teligaurav says:


    sorry for changing title.

    i struck with one problem , i need your help.

    i have created patches  

    Product.msi baseversion

    Product1.msi new files + Product.msi’s updates

    Product2.msi some new files  + + Product1.msi’s updates

    than i created patch Patch1.msp and Patch2.msp

    so my first patch update Product.msi to Product1.msi

    and Patch2 updates Ptroduct1.msi to Product2.msi

    this thing works fine.

    but for administrative installation

    i need to merge Patch1.msp and Patch2.msp to Product.msi

    so i do

    msiexec /a "Product.msi" /p "Patch1.msp"

    and than

    msiexec /a "Product.msi" /p "Patch2.msp"

    but while doing second patch merge

    i get error saying "Error 1328. Error applying patch to file D:Config.MsiPT4F85.tmp.  It has probably been updated by other means, and can no longer be modified by this patch.  For more information contact your patch vendor.  System Error: -1072807676"

    i investigate problem comparing all installer.

    and i find that while merging second time one file is gets added as well as it is trying to Patchupdate the same file.

    that’s why i got error.

    i want to ask is it because i didn’t changed  file version ? ( in next updated version Product2.msi )

    pls help me.

  5. You should be able to create your admin image by passing all the patches on the same command line by setting the PATCH property like this PATCH=Patch1.msp;Patch2.msp.

    If your patches have the same version and don’t use patch families to superceded/hide a previous patch, then yes, two files with the same version that are different will cause problems.

  6. Preethi says:


    Can anyone suggest where can i find the detailed procedure for creating patches.

    I've found two options.

    1) By using pyro and torch i can able to create the patch. But whatever the changed i made in merge module is not reflected in the patch.

    2) By creating pcp file using msiexec and msimsp. In that also i founf few issues.

    Whether the patch can be created by comparing the timestamp of the new and old files or it can be created by comparing the changes??

    Please advice.

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