WiX: What is a WiX Extension?

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  1. liujay says:

    We have big sql scripts in template parameters and would like to execute the script using WiX installation. The parameters in the script need to be replaced by values passed in from WiX msi. Can we implement WiX extension(something similar to SqlScript of SqlExtension but can accept and replace variables) to perform the task? Or do you have any suggestions?

  2. Its all doable in a wix extension. You can set MSI properties based on user input in your UI and have a set of customactions get access to those properties, preprocess the scripts and then execute them. It not a trivial bit of work however. It may be better to explore modifying the existing SQL customactions to support this feature. I’m not an expert on the internal implementation of those custom actions so I’m just speculating.

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