WiX: Building a Patch using the new Patch Building System – Part I

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  1. Cosmin says:

    Hi Petre,

    Thanks for your tutorial and your effort to wix project.

    I tested the new system and looks great.

    I need to choose now between this new patching system and the pcp way. The update for my product will be released in ~2 months. The choise depends if the new patching system will include or not delta patching within these 2 months. Can you please advice?



  2. The Delta patch work is in progress but I cant guarantee that it will be done within 2 months. We are hoping to have something working by mid October but this is just a hope.

  3. Cosmin says:

    Thank you very much. I will prepare the build to use the new patching system.

  4. Preethi Selvaraj says:


    I've created the patch file using the below steps.

    1) Extracted the prev and new msi using msiexec /a TARGETDIR=

    2) Using the below patch.wxs script i created the .pcp file.


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

    <Wix xmlns="schemas.microsoft.com/…/wi">

     <!– Include wxi files –>

     <?include $(sys.CURRENTDIR)includes.wxi ?>






















           Classification="Service Pack"



       <Family DiskId="5000"




         <UpgradeImage SourceFile="$(var.UpgradeFileSrc)"


           <TargetImage SourceFile="$(var.TargetFileSrc)"



                        IgnoreMissingFiles="no" />



       <PatchSequence PatchFamily="SCMPatchFamily"


           Supersede="yes" />



    Note: Passed the upgrade image and target image through "candle". Using "light" created the .pcp file

    3) After creating the .pcp file, created an msp file by running "msimsp.exe -s patch.pcp -p patch.msp -l patch_scm.log"

    4)patch.msp is successfully created and in log file i can able to see the modified files. In ORCA also, I can able to see the difference. (Open Prev msi, then Transform->View Patch).

    5) But after applying patch, the modifications is not reflected.

    Please add your suggestions and tell me whether i am missing anything. Thanks.

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