Visual Studio 2005 repair may require reboots

Although we went to great lengths to reduce the number of reboots required by setup, there were still a few that we could not avoid. You will notice that reboots are almost completely a thing of the past for installs but repair/maintenance mode is a different story.

When repairing Visual Studio Team Suite 2005 there is a chance that you could encounter up to 3 required reboots. These reboots are required by different components that are all chained into the repair. The number of reboots varies for the other VS SKU's and also varies depending on what components were installed.

I know that dealing with all of these repairs is a bit of a hassle but I would like to try to eliminate any additional pain.

If you are asked for a reboot while repairing, ALWAYS choose "Reboot Now" instead of "Reboot Later". If you choose to reboot later the installer will not startup automatically after the reboot. You will then need to launch maintenance mode manually after the reboot and the whole process will start over. If you choose to reboot now, the setup process will start up automatically after the reboot and will proceed to the next component in the repair.

Whenever you are going to repair a large product such as VS I recommend closing as many programs as possible since most reboots are caused by file in use situations. This is when another application you have running has a lock on a file that needs to be updated. I also recommend saving all of your work, and being prepared to reboot when asked.

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