Hello World!

In the world of blogs, most people blog about their personal life and experiences. Around here (at Microsoft) many people blog about work. On this blog I plan to have articles about me, my experiences, my work, as well as articles about various technology issues. On top of those articles I want to use this blog as a place for me to express many of my random thoughts and ideas. All my life, I have noticed things that just dont make sense. It is time to start pointing them out to the world.

I view this blog as a forum for me to express my thoughts and ideas and to have intelligent people comment on them. I'll also try to post a few articles with substance as well. [:)]

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  1. Welcome! It’s good to hear from a dev on the Setup team and I’m sure people will find insight into both Whidbey and future Setup issues as well as information about how to better their installs as well.

  2. I’m glad to see your blog Peter! Welcome. You’re the first DevDiv setup dev I’ve seen venture out in the blogoshpere, that is nothing but goodness…..Looking forward to seeing more of you here and out on the court….

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