ploeh blog Is Moving

After three years on MSDN blogs, I’ll be moving my blog to Why? Read the answer here. This is most likely the last post on this blog, so if you’d like to stay tuned, please go and subscribe to the new blog.


First Dynamics Mobile Post

Yesterday, I posted my first post over on the Microsoft Dynamics Mobile Team blog. More are likely to follow. In case you are wondering what this means for this blog, the answer is: Nothing. I plan to continue blogging in more or less the same vein as I’ve done for the last three years now.


Microsoft Dynamics Mobile 1.5 Released

If you are wondering about what I’m doing these days, we (the Microsoft Dynamics Mobile Team) just released a new version of Microsoft Dynamics Mobile! And there was much rejoicing 🙂



I’m currently at PDC in Los Angeles, so if you are here as well, take a moment to say hello if you see me 🙂


Speaking in ANUG

Aarhus .NET User Group has been so kind to invite me to come and give a session on June 25th, 2008, and I’ve elected to speak about TDD and Installers, a subject that regular readers of this blog would correctly surmise is dear to my heart. Read more about the event here (in Danish, as…



Something’s been bugging me for all of March. Okay, so maybe not all the time, but it keeps coming back to me. Back at February 29, I took my daughter to kindergarten as always. In one of the other rooms, a sign (as well as flags and such) proclaimed that one of the other children…


New Job

When I start working April 1 after my parental leave, I’m not going back to my old job as a consultant for Microsoft Services. Instead, I’ve accepted Christian’s old position in the Mobile Applications Group in Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC), and I’m looking forward to work with a team committed to agile process. It…


Page.User Population From Custom Authenticators For ASP.NET

One of my readers have asked me how to create a custom authenticator for ASP.NET and populate Page.User accordingly. Basically, the scenario is that they have a third-party service that performs authentication and returns the user’s identity and other personal data as HTTP headers to the ASP.NET application. The question is, then, how can you…


Speaking at TechEd Developers 2007

Again this year, I’ll be presenting at TechEd Developers in Barcelona next month. This year, I’ll be doing both a general session on mocks, as well an interactive session on TDD. You can read more on these sessions by using the conference’s Session Search tool and selecting my name (Mark Seemann) in the Speakers dropdown…


Speaking In June

At the upcoming Softwareudvikling på tværs conference, I’ll be presenting a session on TOOD on the second day (June 14). The session will be held in Danish.