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UAC Privileges Flow Across WCF Boundaries

Today, I just spent an entire afternoon troubleshooting a problem in one of my WCF services. When the solution finally dawned on me, it was so simple that I wanted to kick myself, so I thought that by sharing my experience, I might spare you the agony. In short, the setup was this: I had…


Naming SUT Test Variables

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may have noticed that for the last couple of months, every test I’ve posted has shared some similarities; one of which is that I always name my SUT test variable sut. Here’s a simple example: [TestMethod] public void DoStuffWillReturnMessage() {     // Fixture setup    …


Testing Against the Real Event Log

Lots of applications write to the Windows Event Log. When TDD’ing, event logging is part of an application’s Indirect Output, so to verify that logging happens correctly, you need to verify the test against an Observation Point. As always, the correct approach to this requirement is to inject some sort of event logging abstraction (such…