TechEd Sessions Sample Code

Now that both of my TechEd sessions are over, I've had some request for the sample code that I demonstrated at both sessions.

The sample code I used at the interactive talk on TDD is attached to this post.

The code I demonstrated at my talk on manual and dynamic mocks is available upon request. I certainly don't mind sharing it, but for reasons I don't want to go into here, I'm not going to post it for general download, so if you are interested, drop me a line (if you use the Email link on this blog, I'll get an email that also contains your sender address, which means you don't have to publicly post your email address here).

If you didn't go to my sessions, you can still download the sample, but it probably doesn't make as much sense taken out of context. 

As usual, the code is provided here "as is", etc.

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