Installers provide a consistent way of implementing automated setup logic for an application, and as I previously wrote, they also work admirably well for setting up test fixtures. The BCL, however, only contains a limited amount of pre-built Installers, so if you need to install something else than performance counters, event logs, MSMQ queues, or…


Fixture Setup With Installers

It’s no secret that I prefer unit tests over integration tests. Whenever it’s possible to replace an external resource dependency with a test double, I do that, but sometimes, you need to test the resource access component itself: If you have a data access layer, at some point you should test the data access component…


TechEd Sessions Sample Code

Now that both of my TechEd sessions are over, I’ve had some request for the sample code that I demonstrated at both sessions. The sample code I used at the interactive talk on TDD is attached to this post. The code I demonstrated at my talk on manual and dynamic mocks is available upon request….


What Do You Want To Discuss About TDD?

As previously announced, I’ll be giving two talks at TechEd Developers in Barcelona next week. The second of these is a so-called Chalk Talk; an interactive session on TDD in real life. Since this talk is interactive, it will be up to the audience (to a certain degree, at least) to decide what we should…