Offline FairPlay Streaming

Please see the full doc published in Azure Doc Center.


Does Azure Media Services Support Offline Mode?

In my previous posts, I have answered in details the following questions: Does Azure Media Services provide Video Analytics or User Analytics? For the detailed answer, please see this blog. Does Azure Media Services support VR/360 live streaming? For detailed answer, please see this blog. In this post, I will answer the following question: Does…


Virtual Reality Live Streaming on Azure Media Services

Does Microsoft Azure Media Services support VR/360 live streaming as well as on-demand streaming? The answer is yes and for detailed announcement see here. Virtual Reality live streaming on Azure Media Services workflow was announced at NAB 2016 and an end-to-end Virtual Reality live streaming demo was presented in Microsoft booth at NAB 2016. Since then the solution has…


Azure Media Test Tool

Introducing Azure Media Test Tool A reliable and versatile test tool is very important in building a video streaming solution. This is of course also true for building solutions on Azure Media Services, either live or on-demand. For example, in live streaming, even without content protection or CDN, an “issue” could be due to any…


Using Axinom to deliver Widevine licenses to Azure Media Services

This blog is published in Azure Documentation Center here. An end-to-end reference implementation has been built: DASH streaming asset under Azure Media Services dynamic CENC protection with multi-DRM (PlayReady and Widevine). Both PlayReady license server from Azure Media Services and Widevine license server from Axinom require JWT token authentication.   Acknowledgment: Special acknowledgment goes to Mingfei…


What Can You Do with Azure Media Indexer?

  Introduction The General Availability of Azure Media Indexer has been announced. Azure Media Indexer, formerly known as the Microsoft Audio Video Indexing Service (MAVIS), is a powerful, market differentiated content extraction service which can be used to search inside a video instead of just its metadata. Further background information on Azure Media Indexer can…


Solution Design Considerations in Using PlayReady License Delivery Service of Azure Media Services

Introduction Microsoft Azure Media Services is a scalable and robust platform for building online video solutions. This has been demonstrated by a few solutions such as NBC Sports/Sochi Olympics solution built on Azure Media Services. If a video solution is for premium contents, it is generally required by content providers that a desired level of DRM…