How to Resolve Error 6030 in Silverlight 5.1 with PlayReady Protected Content?

Note: This blog is not intended for end users of an on-demand or live TV service. If you are an end user and have error 6030, you should contact the customer support of your video service provider (and mention this resolution).

The Issue:

  1. Regardless whether your PlayReady protected content is live or on-demand, do you suddenly start seeing error 6030 and subsequent video playback failure after May 8, 2012 in your Silverlight player? The error message for error 6030 is: This content requires an output protection which cannot be enabled on this machine.
  2. If you check your Silverlight version, is it Silverlight version 5.1, instead of prior versions such as Silverlight 5.0?

If your answers are yes for both questions, this short blog may be for you.


The Fix:

If you are running PlayReady Server SDK Professional Edition, regardless whether your content is live or on-demand, all you need to do is to add the following PlayEnabler object with a specific technology GUID into your license server handler code:

           PlayEnabler objPlayEnabler;

           //HD or SD

           objPlayEnabler = new PlayEnabler(new Guid("786627D8-C2A6-44BE-8F88-08AE255B01A7"));


           // objPlayEnabler = new PlayEnabler(new Guid(new Guid("B621D91F-EDCC-4035-8D4B-DC71760D43E9"));


where playright is an instance of PlayRight class which should already be present in your license server handler code. Yes, basically, the PlayEnabler is added into the PlayRight and the PlayRight is added into MediaLicense.

If you are using live TV scalable license feature in PlayReady Server SDK Premim Edition, you should add the same PlayEnabler object, but in your Root License Server code. There is no need to change your leaf license server code.

After this code change, PlayReady licenses will contain the Play Enabler technology GUID and 6030 issue should be resolved.

This resolution works with both persistent and non-persistent licenses on PlayReady Server SDK v 2.1, v 2.0 and v 1.5.2.


The Background:

This is not a bug, rather it is a change since Silverlight 5.1. The best way to understand the details and reasons for this change is to read the new Microsoft PlayReady compliance rules published here ( The related content is on page 18-19, Section 3.8 Output Control for Unknown Outputs.

One common quesiton is: does adding PlayEnabler bypass any Output Protection restriction?

  1. If the output connector detection returns unknown, none of the Output Protection restrictions set in PlayReady license server are respected or applied. In this
    case, the only Output Protection being applied is PlayEnabler (allow or disallow).
  2. If the output connector detection returns a known result, Output Protection restrictions set in PlayReady license server are respected and applied. Output
    Protection behavior is unchanged in this case and no OP is “bypassed”.

As you can see, adding PlayEnabler is actually accepting “best effort” treatment for unknown connectors. Not adding PlayEnabler is actually enforcing
Output Protection for unknown connectors, which is the default behavior in Silverlight 5.1.

Comments (19)

  1. lane7339 says:

    i dont understand, how do i fix this?

  2. lambofood says:

    sorry, i have no idea what that meant but it looked good! is there an easy solution that a thicko like me can follow?! Thanks

  3. Jiri Volejnik says:

    I gave it a try, but it didn't work, unfortunately. I'm using PR SDK 1.5.2 and I'm not sure if it is "Professional Edition" or not (I'm not aware of different editions at all). So – does this apply to 1.5.2, too?

    When I add the "HD/SD play enabler" (786627D8-…), then the license is not valid (SL client throws a "6002 An error has occurred." exception).

    I got deeper to the client (player) and figured out that this problem occurs only on machines, where it's impossible to enumerate (or just get the reference to) the LicenseManagement.VideoOutputConnectors collection. While SL4.x just throws an exception in these cases, SL5.1 immediately crashes!

    Any ideas?



  4. Gaynor says:

    lol didnt understand any of that, was it written by a computer?

  5. beelzebub says:

    Is there a simple explanation in plain English instead of gobbled geek ? Such as uninstall, then reinstall silver light  ? would that do the trick ?

  6. John Chari says:

    Hi. This fix does not seem to work. We added that playenabler object, but still that same error occurs on some of our users that are using silverlight 5.1. So that fix does not help in this case.

  7. Hi John,

    Are you using persistent license? If that is the case, try cleaning up the license store (located at C:ProgramDataMicrosoftPlayReady, depending OS used).



  8. rdg says:

    what do you mean by "cleaning up the license store"? delete what's in the folder?

  9. Yes, just delete the content in the folder and you will go through inidividualization process again.

  10. e. says:


    It works fine with persistent licence. But when I try to use this solution with non-persistent license, I get the error:

    System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Internal service error.

      at Microsoft.Media.Drm.RightsManager.ConvertRmServerExeception(RMServerException ex)

      at Microsoft.Media.Drm.RightsManager.AcquireLicense(XmlDocument challenge)

    Is there any solution for this problem?


  11. Hanyf says:

    Regarding the last comment, this is likely because you're running a slightly older version of the PlayReady server. the latest release of the PlayReady server fixed this issue (issue is that non-persistent licenses did not allow you to add any enablers to them). it should work once you upgrade to the latest PlayReady server. Thanks.


  12. david vicente says:

    como re suelvo el error 6030

  13. Rajmund says:

    Hy  You have to Update your Windows in your Computer. That's  ALLLLL


  14. John brown says:

    What is BT doing to help? At the moment any problems that you take to bt you just go around in circles

  15. Herho says:

    Nice! Deleting content in C:ProgramDataMicrosoftPlayReady helped! Back in business! 😛

  16. leonel herrera says:

    no se entiende nada!!!!

  17. noocos coloes says:

    Una mierda, no se entiende nada como todo lo relacionado a Microsoft, siempre falla

  18. Geoff says:

    I am pretty computer literate – operation-wise, but this makes no sense at all. What a load of rubbish this "quick fix2 IS to most PC users. don't understand any of it.

    I have used Virgin Media "TV Anywhere" as a Sky Sports subscriber for many years – successfully, but now we have to "sign in" to the Sky Sports web page it is impossible!! Come on Virgin Media send everyone a quick fix or I will probably defect to ……Sky!!! The problem mainly seems to be with Sky subscription channels.

  19. PK says:

    Install Silverlight 5.0.61118.0 32 bit! Before use MS fix…/pl to erase Silverlighta. Works on WIN 8.1 64bit IE 11 64 bit Tested on Intel HD 4600 and HD 5000

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