Event: "Apps + Cloud" for the device developer who is too busy to learn (UK)

18th March – Reading, UK. You’ve got your beautiful new app ready to run on a tablet, smartphone or other mobile device, and are ready to hook into an infrastructure cloud service for the back-end. Your main concern is making sure it’s reliable – you can’t risk even a small chance of an outage of…


UK Windows Azure Dev Camps

Who is this camp for? You’ve probably heard of Windows Azure but not done anything with it. Maybe you’ve seen a few demos at an event or an online video. Maybe you’ve even got as far as trying the introductory lab in the freely downloadable training kit. But now you are at the stage of…


Event: Don’t forget the free UK Windows Azure Camp for the IT Pro, 27th Sept.

  This camp is aimed at the IT Pro. On it you will build and deploy an entire SharePoint infrastructure with a dual-machine server-farm, Active Directory Domain Controller and SQL Server. On the road to that infrastructure you will create a dual-server, load-balanced IIS website, a WIndows Azure Virtual Network in to which you will…


WIndows Azure Camp for the IT Pro – UK

Yes – we’re now looking after the IT Pro with Azure! If you just want to register – go here: If you want more info – have a read of the text below, or go to http://azurecampsuk.azurewebsites.net for the same. Here is a video to give you a feel for what a camp is like….


Event: Free UK Windows Azure Developer Camps

  Just a reminder that the first of the latest round of free UK Windows Azure Developer Camps kicks off next week in our London Office in Victoria. The Windows Azure Developer Camp will take you from knowing nothing about the cloud to actually having deployed a simple application to the cloud and made it…


Video: Cloud Services Talk from UK’s Cloud Day: London, 22nd June

Anybody who was there knows the demo in the talk I gave timed out. So I’ve done it again and added it to the talk using the magic of video editing! With all the excitement around the IaaS features such as Virtual Machines and Virtual Network, and then the added cool of Azure Websites, it…


Windows Azure June 2012 Training Kit available

I just heard from James Conard in our corporate headquarters that the June 2012 version of the Windows Azure training kit has been officially released. The June 2012 update includes 42 step-by-step hands-on labs and 20 presentations covering the new Windows Azure features.  Some of the highlights of this update include: · 12 new hands-on…


Video: The most common issues support sees for Windows Azure

Markus McCormick, an escalation engineer working in Microsoft support in the UK talks about the most common support issues they see coming in to the support centre. He gives advice on how to avoid these pitfalls. If you are new to Windows Azure – don’t deploy any service in to production without watching this video…