Windows Azure Active Directory Cartoon

I posted this video on to Channel 9 before Christmas but I can see something has gone wrong with the indexing and it’s pretty undiscoverable on the site. Thought I’d make it known through the blog.


Click-by-Click Video: Using on-premise Active Directory to authenticate to a Windows Azure App

This video is a click-by-click, line-by-line screen-cam of how to authenticate using an on-premise Active Directory with a Windows Azure application. It uses Active Directory Federation Services V2.0 (ADFS 2.0) and Windows Azure’s App Fab Access Control Service V2 (App Fab ACS V2 – which was released on April 11th 2011) to achieve this. You…


Online Talk: Security integration with the cloud using Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). 22-March at 14:00 GMT (07:00 PST)

I’ll be covering how to set up ADFS 2.0 for authenticating to Windows Azure apps and Office 365. The talk is basically in 2 sections – integration with Windows Azure and integration with Office 365. So it’ll go: ADFS ==> App Fab ACS ==> Azure App. ADFS ==> MFG ==> Office 365. I’ll talk about…


Office 365 federated access for home workers

If you are a home worker, sat on the Internet outside of your corporate network (VPNs excepted), it’s very likely your organisation’s ADFS 2.0 server will be sat behind a mass of firewall technology that prevents you from accessing it. So how do you get access to a federated Office 365 domain? Enter stage left:…


Video: How Windows Azure App Fab:ACS and ADFS 2.0 work together

This is a short video that describes how an on-prem ADFS 2.0  server, Windows Azure App Fab: ACS (Access Control Service), an AD Domain Controller and a WIF (Windows Identity Foundation) based app running on Windows Azure communicate with each other. It details the protocol and the data flows and what happens with the tokens…


Video Presentation – Windows Azure Connect: from scratch

In this video/demo we go from scratch for folks with no knowledge of Windows Azure Connect (previously known as “Project Sydney”) covering what it is, how to create a virtual network and how to domain-join an instance running in the Windows Azure cloud. The demo gives click-by-click instructions and leaves nothing out (aside from assuming…