Geek’s T-Shirt

I really like the T-Shirt we use as swag at conferences for signing up to various programmes. This was a suggestion from a Twitter competition the Visual Studio team ran a little while ago. I’m sorry but I don’t know the name of the person whose design won…


It’s a bit of a generic T-shirt (budum tish! Well you were all thinking it…) but it’s one of those jokes that only works for a certain number of people. There was a great one that Oxford Computer Group did a few years ago. It looked a bit like this:


Worked well for anybody who was in to Lightweight Directory Access Protocol and knew about the LA Police Department…

I’ve been thinking of a few other designs.




above: an oldie but goldie…


Has anybody got any better ideas?


Comments (2)

  1. André Santo says:

    I have a 'blue screen of the death' shirt .. kkkk

  2. ...Planky says:

    Ha ha! I like the idea, I just get the feeling nobody's marketing budget would get approved for Microsoft's most infamous error message!

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