How to manage my Office 365 Directory as an Azure Active Directory

This question seems to have come up a lot at a few events I’ve been at recently. Lots of folks know the theory: Azure AD is the Office 365 directory. You can use that Office 365 directory for more than just your Office 365 services like email, collaboration and communication. You can also use it as the directory for any apps you deploy. But the thing is – to get it tlking to your Azure apps, you have to first get it in to a state where you can, for example, add an app to it. You want to be able to see this dialogue aimed at your Office 365 directory:-


Clicking the Add button allows you to add apps to your Office 365 directory.

Well it’s actually very simple. In fact it’s so simple, that’s probably what’s confused everybody. You simply add a new directory and at the next dialogue you specify you want to add an existing directory.

Here’s a video I made to show it in action – very short – about 10 clicks maybe.


Or watch the fullsize video here. 

Hope that makes sense.

Planky – GBR257 -- @plankytronixx

Comments (2)

  1. Kirit says:

    Thanks for the post. This was being understood. I have a similar question bugging me, help me out here. If a company is moving to the cloud, it can have Office 365 set up  as well as they may have Azure Subscription. Doing this may create two Azure Active Directories, one attached to Office 365 as well as one thru Azure subscription. How is this taken care normally for any large company, since I am sure company would be interested in syncing up just one WAAD into the cloud. Any rules around this ?


    Kirit Parmar

  2. Shaun P says:

    Thanks for the post.  I would like to know to know the answer to Kirit's post too.


    Shaun P

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