First Oracle, then SAP and now, believe it or not – Salesforce!

The world of the cloud is changing fairly rapidly. I blogged about a week and a half ago about how the Microsoft cloud would be supporting SAP software by the end of June. Well can you believe the pace of change? It was announced a couple of days ago that Salesforce is also to become…


SAP to support its Enterprise Software in Microsoft Azure

I guess it all started to come together with the public cloud and the Enterprise back in June last year when Microsoft and Oracle announced a partnership. I remember a few months later being at IPEXPO 2013 in London and introducing myself to a guy on the Oracle stand as a “friend”. He was a…


The Prime Challenge

This is a deepzoom of the world’s largest known prime number. Click to watch the DeepZoom in action. Almost 17 and a half million digits. There are only 2 numbers that will divide in to it. One and itself. It’s incredible to think, that within the sheer vastness of this number, there is no other…


Huge Bag of New Azure Features Announced at TechEd Yesterday

A lot of new features were announced at TechEd. Here they are – straight from the horse’s mouth…     At TechEd North America 2014, we announced the general availability of Azure ExpressRoute, Virtual Networking enhancements, compute-intensive A8 & A9 Virtual Machines, IP Reservation, Import/Export Service, Managed Cache Service, Traffic Manager support for external endpoints,…


Demo Videos for the daily-cloud talks 12th – 16th May

Creating a WordPress Website using Azure Websites Creating an ASP.NET website using Azure Websites Creating a Virtual Server in Windows Azure Creating a Mobile Service in Windows Azure Creating a Cloud Service in Windows Azure Signing up for a free Windows Azure Trial Subscription


Getting Started with the Cloud – Every Day Next Week!

I’d say there’s a greater than 50:50 chance you’re confused about cloud-computing unless you’re already involved. Terms like “public cloud”, “hybrid cloud”, “Infrastructure as a Service”, “Platform as a Service” add to an apparent mystique. Maybe you find yourself just on the periphery of the conversation and if you just had that tiny bit of…


The Cloud is the new Computer

It’s the app that provides the “business value”. The Operating System is just a necessary evil to provide the supporting infrastructure. It’s an utterly captivating and absorbing evil necessity and it keeps a whole load of us in employment, provides us with hobbies, conversation, argument and obsession, but it’s still really just a necessity. Over…


Celebrating 50 years of BASIC: My first “production” code in BASIC.

In the late 70s/early 80s there was a sudden rash of 8-bit microcomputers on the consumer market. They were all based on either the Zilog Z80 or the MOST 6502 microprocessors. I made a mistake – I bought the Commodore VIC20 which said it had 8k of RAM. I didn’t realise that 3K of that…