Video: Explanation of Pop-up Labs in the Cloud

Devs, IT Pros, Architects, Marketeers, Salespeople, Business-oriented people – they are all rapidly becoming part of the pop-up lab phenomenon. Until now it was very difficult for private individuals with an interest (whether casual or professional) in large-scale IT, to build large IT labs – the capital expenditure was too large. Attempts through the use…


The Rise and Rise of Pop-up Labs in the Cloud

Young children read pop up books; books whose pages pop up in to some form of structure for the child to admire and then pop back in again when the page is turned. As the page is turned it produces a different structure. Perhaps the first one was a lion or a space-rocket. The next…


Next Pope to be elected by SmartPhone?

  Macclesfield, UK, 12 March, 2013. A piece by TransparentChoice. Why the current process of selecting a Pope is broken and how technology can help. Ok, so we are unlikely to see this headline for real in 2013, but perhaps we should. When we think about ensuring an election is “true and fair,” and this…


Video: London Web Summit Hack Day

80 devs got together for a hack day at Modern Jago in Shoreditch, London the day after the London Web Summit. The Beebs and I both hosted the event. One of the winners was an 8-year old who wrote a car game. 12 apps were created. If you’d like to get a feel for the…


Event: "Apps + Cloud" for the device developer who is too busy to learn (UK)

18th March – Reading, UK. You’ve got your beautiful new app ready to run on a tablet, smartphone or other mobile device, and are ready to hook into an infrastructure cloud service for the back-end. Your main concern is making sure it’s reliable – you can’t risk even a small chance of an outage of…


Video: TIGA Gaming Conference: Games plus Cloud. Rob Fraser’s talk.

I was at the TIGA gaming conference with Rob Fraser who was a speaker addressing “realising the opportunity afforded to games developers by exploiting the cloud”. I took a couple of FlipCams and screen capture software to edit together this talk. A couple of rough edges here and there, but very watchable. 30 minutes of…


Video: UK’s Biggest Computer Mag Combines Windows 8 App with Azure.

I’m sure we’ve all seen Computeractive on the shelves of our newsagents. When Microsoft releases a new version of Windows, Computeractive does a feature article. This time as well as the print article, they’ve developed a Windows 8 application that uses an Azure back end to deliver video lessons straight in to the app. With…


Event: Build Open Source Apps on Microsoft’s Cloud

The 4th step in Microsoft UK’s “6 Steps to Azure” programme, concentrating on Open Source software is to run as an in-person event on the 11th February in London. There is a great line-up of community speakers, all involved in the UK Windows Azure User Group, who will bring the real-world, roll-your-sleeves-up experience we all…


UK Windows Azure Dev Camps

Who is this camp for? You’ve probably heard of Windows Azure but not done anything with it. Maybe you’ve seen a few demos at an event or an online video. Maybe you’ve even got as far as trying the introductory lab in the freely downloadable training kit. But now you are at the stage of…


Windows Azure Active Directory Cartoon

I posted this video on to Channel 9 before Christmas but I can see something has gone wrong with the indexing and it’s pretty undiscoverable on the site. Thought I’d make it known through the blog.