Video: TIGA Gaming Conference: Games plus Cloud. Rob Fraser’s talk.

I was at the TIGA gaming conference with Rob Fraser who was a speaker addressing “realising the opportunity afforded to games developers by exploiting the cloud”.

I took a couple of FlipCams and screen capture software to edit together this talk. A couple of rough edges here and there, but very watchable.

30 minutes of some interesting ideas about where gaming is going and what opportunities the cloud offers. Some obvious ones like leaderboard, saved state between devices and so on – but other more interesting stuff like machine learning – where clouds of massively parallel compute resources can do the kind of game analysis you could only dream of in the past – and help to produce more engaging games. Obviously the more engaging the game the greater its market share – so all this feeds back to the gaming business opportunity.

Even if you’re not a games developer, you’ll find it interesting and may see how some of it could be applied to your own sphere of development…


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