Event: Build Open Source Apps on Microsoft’s Cloud

The 4th step in Microsoft UK’s “6 Steps to Azure” programme, concentrating on Open Source software is to run as an in-person event on the 11th February in London. There is a great line-up of community speakers, all involved in the UK Windows Azure User Group, who will bring the real-world, roll-your-sleeves-up experience we all need, now that the platform is a mature and stable part of many developers’ armoury.

Agenda – 11th February

Introduction to MS Opentech and Windows Azure:
Presented by Planky (Steve Plank) and Steve Lamb of Microsoft UK.
For those of you not familiar with the Windows Azure architecture, Planky from Microsoft will give an overview. Then Steve will discuss how Microsoft is embracing open source and why the open source community should look at using Windows Azure to deploy their projects. Steve Lamb is responsible for the Open Source initiative and community relations in Microsoft UK.
10:30 Introduction to Windows-Azure-Websites for PHP and Python developers:
Presented by Andy Cross
In this session Andy Cross will introduce Windows Azure Websites and show you can create a Bitbucket or Github repository and link it to a Website - then using the repository he will get simple PHP and Python applications with attached frameworks.
11:35 Building a node.js application on Windows Azure:
Presented by Richard Astbury
In this session Richard will show you can use WAWS or cloud services to deploy node.js
13:10 Introduction to Java applications on Windows Azure:
Presented by Rob Blackwell.
If you're an Eclipse developer Rob will show you the support offered by MS Opentech to deploy Java web application from Eclipse
13:40 How to deploy anything on Windows Azure!
Presented by Richard Astbury and ROb Blackwell
In this session Richard and Rob will cover the basics of deploying anything to Windows Azure Cloud Services by using Startup Tasks and two open source projects they have developed AzureRunMe and AzurePackageMe. This session will show you that PaaS on Windows Azure is not just for .NET developers!
14:50 How to deploy a Ruby-on-Rails application to Windows Azure:
Presented by Richard Astbury and Rob Blackwell
In this session Richard Conway will show how to deploy a basic rails application to Windows Azure using Virtual Machines. He will show that the problems Ruby developers have running on Windows can be handled to provide an effective PaaS solution for any Rails application.
15:30 Virtual Machines and VMDepot: an Open Source catalogue of images:
Presented by Richard Conway, Richard Astbury and Rob Blackwell.
In this session you will learn that VMs can be used to deploy anything. How they work and how to configure and automate them from the CLI. This session will focus on many of the images available through the new MS Opentech VM depot.
16:20 Q&A: Richard Conway, Richard Astbury, Rob Blackwell, Planky and Steve Lamb.  

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Microsoft London Office

Cardinal Place, 100 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 5JL

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