Video: Cloud Services Talk from UK’s Cloud Day: London, 22nd June

Anybody who was there knows the demo in the talk I gave timed out. So I’ve done it again and added it to the talk using the magic of video editing!

With all the excitement around the IaaS features such as Virtual Machines and Virtual Network, and then the added cool of Azure Websites, it seemed to me the very basis on which Windows Azure had made its success so far – as a PaaS platform was left behind.

In this talk, I show how to get started writing apps, using the local compute emulator and then deploying them to staging and eventually on to production. I use VS2012/Windows 8, but the principles are the same for VS2010 and Windows 7. I show how to code up  multi-instance web role and worker role app that uses blob storage and load balances to the back-end using queues.



Click here for the video.

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