Windows Azure is now ISO 27001 compliant

The data centres have enjoyed this certification for quite a while now, as has Office 365, but Windows Azure was trailing behind a little. Well, no longer. The certification was performed by BSI Americas. The Windows Azure core services of Compute, Storage, Virtual Network and Virtual Machine are all covered by the certificate. There are more services to go in the future, such as SQL Azure, Access COntrol, Service Bus and others, but the core services are now certified. Click the image to see the certificates on the BSI website. 


Planky – GBR-257

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  1. Stevan Vidich says:

    Please note that ISO 27001 certificate applies to Windows Azure core servcies only: Compute, Storage, Virtual Network, and Virtual Machine.  It does not cover the rest of Windows Azure features, including SQL Azure, Service Bus, Caching, Access Control, CDN.  Microsoft already received the certificate.  It is searchable on BSI's Web site.

  2. ...Planky says:

    Thanks for making that clear Stevan.

  3. Denis Berger says:

    It is great information and valuable post. It helpful for training and certification services.

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