Nothing at all to do with technology, but I’m so pleased…

I did 10,000 metres on the rowing machine today in 38:28.8. That’s an average pace of 1:55.4. To put that in perspective, if you ever get on the rowing machine and do the standard 2,000 metres, you’d get 7:41.6 at that pace, but I managed to maintain the pace for 10,000 metres. As a 52 year old lightweight (75kg – I think that’s 165 pounds in US parlance!) I’m jolly chuffed with this. It puts me 8th in Concept2’s World Online Rankings.



But don’t worry, normal technology service will be resumed shortly.. with more posts on the new Azure features…

Planky - GBR-257

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  1. Paul Ishak says:


  2. Mike says:

    Congratulations on the accomplishment! My real takeaway from this blog post was the phrase "jolly chuffed" which I intend to incorporate into my daily lexicon.

  3. ...Planky says:

    Ha ha! I'm guessing you're not English…. We're all jolly chuffed when something goes well for us. I suppose in the same way that we are veritably displeased when things go wrong…

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