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In concert with my previous post regarding Server App-V, you might be interested to learn about the principles of this sort of technology. There is a session on desktop application virtualization which you can view here. Although this covers the specifics of Microsoft desktop virtualization technology, the basic principles behind it also apply to Server App-V. So if you’d like to hear and see somebody explaining how it works – this is your chance. I think the part that will be interesting to you, if you are interested in the cloud is the section on App-V by Sarah Mannion. Note that this doesn’t apply directly to the cloud but the principles are similar.

There are also sections on Med-V and P2V (physical to virtual). The session is dual-presented by Sarah and my colleague Simon May.

This session is one of a series of Tech Days Online sessions.



Up next in the series is Automation and the Public Cloud on 12 April. The key to a dynamic data center and evolution to a private cloud is automated management.  Opalis is the glue which makes this possible in Operations Manager. Hear all about it and sign up here.

You can see what else is coming up in the Tech.Days online series here. Also make sure you are still collecting all your bit.ly links from the series so you are in with the chance to win the great prizes we have on offer!


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