Windows Azure: 750 hours per month free. Even if you don’t have an MSDN subscription

It used to be that unless you had an MSDN Universal or Premium subscription, you could only get 25 hours per month of Azure for free. That's certainly enough to test your apps out and get a feel for what it's all about. But now there is the new "extra small compute instance", they have decided to enhance the offer by adding 750 hours (there are 744 hours in a month so you can run an app 24 hours/day in a XS instance for free) of it to the existing offer.


This is what you get now:

* 750 hours of an Extra Small Compute Instance
* 25 hours of a Small Compute Instance
* 500MB
* 10k Storage transactions
Data Transfers:
* 500MB in / 500MB out
Relational Database:
* 1GB Web Edition SQLAzure database (for 90 days only)
Access Control transactions:
* 100k
Service Bus connections:
* 2

To sign up for the free offer (it runs out on the 30th June 2011) click here.

Planky - GBR-257

Comments (2)

  1. why should it run out ? why can't it be like Amazon free one says:

    i'm not sure why ms is this much picky on this stuff.

  2. ...Planky says:

    In the same way that Amazon gives a limited subscription for free, so does Microsoft. This particular deal though is better with features like an additional 750 hours per month/

    To find out about the standard free deal (which doesn't run out – like Amazon's doesn't) – read my post:…/get-your-windows-azure-sign-up-right-a-few-tips-to-save-your-credit-card.aspx

    Near the bottom this details the free and MSDN offers…

    But whenever anybody says "I think <insert product name> should be free", I respond with "I think your company's <cars |boats |flights |motorcycles |insurance ||hotel-rooms |etc |etc> should be free" but none of the companies has ever implemented the suggestion 😮

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