Video Presentation – Windows Azure Connect: from scratch

In this video/demo we go from scratch for folks with no knowledge of Windows Azure Connect (previously known as “Project Sydney”) covering what it is, how to create a virtual network and how to domain-join an instance running in the Windows Azure cloud. The demo gives click-by-click instructions and leaves nothing out (aside from assuming obvious things like VS is installed and the Windows Azure SDK/Tools are installed). Even if you don’t yet have a Windows Azure account – the very last few minutes talks about how to get a free account so you can try this technology out. Also how to deal with those annoying little things like certificate management are covered in click-by-click detail and a couple of shortcuts, plus a troubleshooting section, with a demo.



Click the image to watch the video.

I hope you enjoy it.


Planky – GBR-257

Comments (6)

  1. anna says:

    it looks as a nice topic and from the description above sounds really interesting but the video is either too large or there is something wrong with the service as it wont start. Upon pressing play arrow it turns black and the progress bar never proceeds or download/play never actually does anything….any chance for a fix?

  2. ...Planky says:

    Hmmm – that's odd. It works for me from both the Microsoft corporate network and I just viewed it over my broadband connection from home.

    Can you successfully view other videos on the Vimeo site where it's hosted? It sounds like a problem with your setup. I just looked at the logs and I see over 1,200 have read the article. Not sure how many clicked the video but I'd imagine more thatn just you. Nobody else has left a similar comment. Also it got distributed around internally in Microsoft and I noticed none of those guys are saying it doesn't work.

    Email me directly if you continue to have problems and we'll try to sort out another way to get it to you.


  3. Chris says:

    Same problem for me, unable to play from here, may be will try from home..:(

  4. Planky says:

    Hi Chris – if you get the same problem from home – email me and I'll work something out.

  5. mattd says:

    Great – watch especially when it went wrong;)! Problem is the video stopped after 50mins just as you were doing a net use!



  6. Lisajhonson says:

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