The business justification for your move to Windows Azure: The economics of the cloud.

In many ways you know a move to the cloud is right for certain aspects of your IT but trying to explain that in business-language to somebody who still at the end of the day has to sign a cheque: well that’s still a problem.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could prime those guys in to a business understanding of what the cloud offers and then hit them between the eyes with your insight and prowess? Well – now you can do that. Rolf Harms and Michael Yamartino from Microsoft have created a compelling business-led whitepaper called The Economics of the Cloud.


Horseless Carriage Syndrome: from the whitepaper.

It’s a great read for a CxO or senior manager within an organisation, but also a great read for a techie. Try it – you’ll like it: then pass it on to your boss’s boss!


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  1. Tim says:

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    I know this is the wrong place to pose this question but, I cannot find anywhere else to ask (other than attempting to put it into the black hole of a forum). In the UK there is the pesky thing called the Data Protection Act. This states that any data that is about an UK or EU citizen may not be stored outside of the EU without their permission. My basic question is this; Are Microsoft aware of this issue and are they planning to address it with SQL Azure. I am assisting a start-up that would like to use SQL Azure but this is one of the issues holding them back from doing so. As I currently understand the situation, SQL Azure will store data anywhere it likes. This is great for redundancy but bad for compliance. Will there ever be a way of specific that the data may not be stored outside of the EU? There are some shocking penalties for non-compliance with the DPA to this would be a show-stopper for most apps in the UK or EU.

    Thanks for any help and I wish I could find somewhere better to ask this question!

  2. sheldon says:

    I second this very relevant question

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