Shipping Containers have never been so hot

Here I am in my new T-Shirt:


We had a little caption competition in the office for some of our products. For Azure, my colleague Martin Beeby (blogging at “The Beebs”) came up with:

Shipping Containers have never been so sexy

…but I thought, because the containers in the Azure data-centers are run at over 90 degrees, “Shipping Containers have never been so hot” captured both the temperature and the sentiment.

The T-shirts have just arrived. Aren’t they great!!!


Comments (4)

  1. Aseire says:

    Love the T-shirt – please send me one!  PM me on gmail and I can pay you by Pay Pal.

  2. Planky says:

    Hey Aseire,

    Send me an email to with your contact details and it'll be on its way to you. And you know what? I'm so generous, you can have it for free!

  3. Aseire says:

    Fantastic Planky,

    Email is now on its way to you! Aseire

  4. SlugKiller says:

    As it happens I just got an official Microsoft t-Shirt through, with Microsoft Azure and under it "Shipping Containers have never been so hot!"

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