Windows Azure pricing pleasures: compute for 5 cents/hour

When I interviewed Doug Hauger on video and asked a few of the slightly tougher questions, he intimated there’d be a new price point for compute in Windows Azure. He said “wait for the PDC” – well, not only was the announcement made by Bob Muglia at the PDC on Thursday, but it’s already made…


Windows Azure VMRole != IaaS

The addition of the new VMRole to the existing Web and Worker Roles, opens up many new possibilities to developers of Windows Azure applications. First off – what is it? At first look it appears to be nothing more than a VM hosted on the Windows Azure fabric. In the PDC 10 announcement, Bob Muglia…



…and why not? It means the range goes from Team Foundation Server (TFS) basic – a client install right up to TFS running as a service in the cloud. To get a team of developers working together with Visual Studio you’d normally install TFS on-premise. That requires servers, infrastructure, database, Active Directory etc. It’s a…


Crypto Primer: How does SSL work?

Continuing from my Crypto Primer post, I said I’d describe SSL. I’m going to stick with the simple option – the one that doesn’t involve client authentication. That’s because almost all of us use SSL without client authentication when we go to a page that asks us for a password, or in the payment pages….


Who will dominate the Cloud Landscape

Well, we had the Gartner Symposium in Florida last week. Just looking at the agenda, it’s pretty obvious that the cloud is exercising almost everybody, just by the pure number of sessions that feature in some way or other. Whether it be Saas, PaaS or IaaS, all the vendors came under the micrososcope during the…


Biometric morphing of passport data

Having recently applied for a replacement passport, I was surprised at how easy it was. The binding between my old passport and the application-form being a couple of identical passport photos. Clearly somebody in the passport office office looks at the photos I slipped in with the application, looks at the photo on my old…


Projecting your Active Directory Identity to the Azure Cloud

You get in to the office in the morning and hit CTRL-ALT-DEL to log in to your AD. SOme time later you click a desktop icon for a web-app running in your datacentre. You are taken straight to the application. No login. Why? The app is AD-integrated. It’s what enterprise users expect to happen. But…


Video: General Manager of Windows Azure answers some “tougher” questions

While he was visiting the UK, I managed to get some time with the General Manager of Windows Azure and put the questions to him that customers put to me. It’s captured on video. If you’ve ever had an unexpectedly large credit-card bill for your Azure usage, or see Azure as something for the enterprise…


Human attacks are the problem, not technical attacks

It’s amazing how people can be influenced by a convincing speaker who makes points with conviction, but who happens to be behind the curve in terms of technological developments. I talked to somebody recently who was of the opinion that technical attacks are how people have their identity stolen. The speaker who’d influenced her had…