Exposing Servers/Services to the Internet when they are in an Azure VPN

When you know this it’s really simple but I’ve actually had a couple of customers raise this same query this week. Coincidence? They said – I’ve done some reading and I can see how you can set up a private network between your onw corporate network and Azure. I’ve also read how you can exposes…


Geek’s T-Shirt

I really like the T-Shirt we use as swag at conferences for signing up to various programmes. This was a suggestion from a Twitter competition the Visual Studio team ran a little while ago. I’m sorry but I don’t know the name of the person whose design won… It’s a bit of a generic T-shirt…


Warnings sent to customers when Azure is about to be updated

I sometimes get customers asking me about the warnings they’ll get when updates are rolled out across Azure. Well – at the bottom of this post is an example email sent to me. Notice the emphasis placed on: Putting multiple VMs in to availability sets Creating multiple instances of each role in Cloud Services I…


Azure Web Sites/Web Apps and SSL

I just had a rash of questions about SSL and Azure Web SItes/Web Apps (just for clarity, Azure Web SItes was renamed to Azure Web Apps a few weeks ago). I’ve been looking for an article or post to send people to and am quite amazed at the lack of info. Yes, there are plenty…


Azure Exam Prep – Virtual Networks

Continuing the theme of exam prep, I thought I’d write a little about Azure Virtual Networks, or VNets. If you see any of the “martetecture” material on the Internet, you’d rapidly come to the conclusion that VNets are a way to securely bind your on-premises corporate-network to the network you have in Azure on which…


Azure Exam Prep – Fault Domains and Update Domains

I’ve booked a couple of exams. The Azure Infrastructure Exam (533) on 15th May. and the Dev exam (532) on 29th May. I thought I’d just write a few articles about stuff I’ve found out between now and then which others who are taking the exam might find interesting. This post: Fault Domains and Update…


Confusion with Azure Cloud Service SHA1 and SHA256 Certificates

This came up on a camp I ran yesterday. Somebody noticed in Visual Studio, that the algorithm used for the certificate thumbprint is SHA1. There isn’t an option to change it to SHA256. And all recent advice about SHA1 is to avoid using it and use SHA256. Figure 1: The Certificates tab in Visual Studio….


“Cartoony” Video of Azure AD Admin Units

I just published a video I made on to Channel 9 describing the major features of Azure AD Administrative Units as part of the slew of stuff that was released today. It’s in the “cartoony” style which seems to be the way a lot of people like to consume these “principles of…” notions.    …


Provision a dev workstation in 6 minutes and $0.00

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft announced that Visual Studio would be a free development tool. A special version, called the Community Edition (Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition) which is roughly equivalent to the current Visual Studio Professional – in other words a pretty high-end featured version (certainly compared to the up-to-now free “Express” editions)…


Document everything you want to know about your Azure IaaS VMs in one line of PowerShell

Mark Renoden, one of my colleagues from Microsoft Australia/New Zealand has come up with this great single line of powershell that spits out everything you want to know about your VMs … Get-AzureVM | ForEach-Object { $vm = $_.name ; Write-Output "$vm VM Properties" ; Write-Output "—————" ; Format-List -InputObject $_ -Property * ; Write-Output…