ESB Toolkit How To Video #5: Including Custom Orchestrations in Itineraries

Update: Sorry folks, the first link I posted for the video was incorrect. I have updated it now:

Welcome to #5 in my series of ESB Toolkit How To Videos. If you have not seen the previous videos, I encourage you to do so. The previous ones can be found here

1) Basic Itinerary Routing and UDDI Integration

2) Composite Itinerary and Dynamic Mapping

3) Itinerary Resolution in the Bus

4) Dynamic Itinerary Resolution in the Bus

One of the great things about the ESB Toolkit is that it can be extended in a large number of ways. One of the common ways that developers will want to extend it, is to create custom BizTalk orchestrations that can be included within an ESB itinerary. With the default install of the Toolkit, you have access to two orchestration. The generic routing orch and the generic mapping orch. In this video, I'll show you how to create a new orchestration and then register it with the ESB so that you can access it from the itinerary designer and create an itinerary that will route messages to it.

The video can be accessed here

Cheers and keep on BizTalking...


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