Finally completing the BTS 2006 exam

For the last couple of months, I’ve had a lingering item sitting in my Outlook todo list. Finish that damn BizTalk 2006 exam.  It may seem strange that a BizTalk Technology Specialist wouldn’t have the BizTalk certification and one may wonder why I didn’t knocked that exam off as soon as it came out. Participating in the…


Installing, setting up and using the BizTalk SAP adapter

Wow, its been a busy couple of months here. I was looking forward to getting to the Microsoft SOA conference in Seattle back at the start of October, but I ended up being pulled back to Toronto for a pressing BizTalk opportunity we had going. That opportunity pretty much took all of my time for the first couple of…


The Canadian BizTalk Partner Summit is Coming!

For those of you that won’t be able to make it to the Redmond based SOA Conference in October, don’t sweat it, you won’t be left without a BizTalk related conference! We’ve been working on this for a little while and I’m happy to be able to finally announce it publicly. The Canadian Business Process Integration…


Performance tips and tricks at the BizTalk User Group

I’ll be speaking at the Toronto chapter of the BizTalk user group on Tuesday September 26th. Since this is “Performance” month over at the BizTalk TechNet site, I’ll be speaking about BizTalk performance factors. We’ll be looking at the factors that will affect your system as well as what is required to run a proper performance…


The parallel shape DOES NOT give you concurrent parallel processing – a common mistake

After running across this topic several times (and in several different places) over the past few weeks, I thought it would be worth writing up a quick blurb about it.  This topic I’ve run into revolves around the parallel shape in BizTalk orchestrations and whether or not it actually provides you with parallel processing. The answer is…


BizTalk and Database Mirror: Supported or Not?

Lots of BizTalk developers and architects have been looking at the SQL Server 2005 database mirror option and are wondering if they can use this to implement a low cost disaster recovery solution for their BTS environments.  It certainly is a tempting solution and it sure seems to be viable from technical point of view….


MSBuild tasks now available for BizTalk Projects

Several people have asked me about support for MSBuild within BizTalk projects. So I’m happy to see that our team in the UK has just released some MSBuild tasks for BizTalk 2006. They are availalbe on GotDotNet.   ( ).   There are tasks to do the following:   Export a current system to an…


New Interesting BizTalk Adapters from our Partners

I  just wanted to point out a couple of interesting adapters that our partners are providing for BizTalk 2006. Zouak consulting is providing a beta version of an adapter for integrating with RIM’s Blackberry. You can find info about it at. Another partner, TwoConnect, has put together a full feature adapter for’s CRM solution. You can find info…


BPM/I Conference Details Announced

In my last post, I spoke about the upcoming BPM/I conference that the product team is hosting in October. Registration Registration: ( This site also has an agenda posted. It’s running at the Microsoft Conference Center from October 3-6, 2005. Registration is $199.00, with an early bird discount price of $149.00 if you register by July…


Microsoft BPM&I Conference

If you haven’t already heard, the next big conference that our folks in Redmond are planning is the 2nd annual Business Process Management and Integration conference. This conference is going to be sponsored by the BizTalk server product group and it’s going to be held October 3rd through to the 6th at the Microsoft Conference…