Information regarding versions of Operating System with IIS running under Windows Azure Data Centers

I noticed that some of the Windows Azure end users were looking for the information about versions of Operating System with Internet Information Services [IIS] running under Windows Azure Datacenter. So I just thought blog about this topic and provide more details in this blog. 

There are basically three kind of applications, Web Role, Worker Role, and VM Role, were running under Windows Azure environment, and  all the deployed applications  in Windows Azure environment will be running in separated Guest Virtual Machine (VM) with  one of the below mentioned configuration’s : 

  1. Windows Guest OS Family 1 which is substantially compatible with Windows Server 2008 SP2 with  IIS 7.0
  2. Windows Guest OS Family 2 which is substantially compatible with Windows Server 2008 R2 with IIS 7.5

You can find more details about the Operating System and supported SDK version from below mentioned web links

 Also, please note that you  can configure the required version of Guest VM for the deployed application in the ‘ServiceConfiguration.*.cscfg’  file, and later if you need to modify the OS details after deployment, you can modify the same from the Windows Azure Portal.  Please find below mentioned web links, which could provide the detailed information about configuring the OS versions with  ‘ServiceConfiguration.*.cscfg’ file and  same from the Azure Portal


 <ServiceConfiguration serviceName="<service-name>" osFamily="[1|2]” osVersion="<os-version>">
<Role name="<role-name>">
<Instances count="<number-of-instances>" />
<Setting name="<setting-name>" value="<setting-value>" />
<Certificate name="<certificate-name>" thumbprint="<certificate-thumbrint>" thumbprintAlgorithm="<algorithm>"/>


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