Interactive Storytelling on Microsoft Surface

A while back, I had the privilege of having Xiang Cao, an associate researcher at Microsoft Research Cambridge in the Computer Mediated Living Group, visit me here in Redmond. Xiang is one of the researchers (also including John Helmes, Siân E. Lindley and Abigail Sellen) who worked on a project called TellTable. When you were…


The Surface team gets visitors, with toys! (the D&D kind)

There was a lot of excitement last month over in Surface-land. We had visitors from Carnegie Mellon University bringing over their Dungeons & Dragons application. The Microsoft Surface team works tirelessly to bring great features to this innovative platform, and we love to see what our customers and partners create. This isn’t a product from…


New gameplay video with D&D on Surface

Whether or not you’re into Dungeons & Dragons, this story just keeps getting better. The team at the Entertainment Technology Center has come out with new video showing Microsoft Surface with their SurfaceScapes D&D project. This latest video brilliantly takes you through how the game mechanics work. Keep in mind that this isn’t a product…


SurfaceScapes Follow-up: Bringing D&D to Microsoft Surface

Back in October, we reported (and nearly every other online tech/game publication) on Dungeons & Dragon’s being brought to Microsoft Surface. It took the internet by storm with a three and a half minute video. It wasn’t a full-fledged product from Wizards of the Coast. This was a student project from Carnegie Mellon University to…


Surface Monster Mashup and real-world objects

When we talk about what we’re doing here at Microsoft Surface, there are several attributes that come to mind. Sometimes for those who haven’t been exposed to a lot of touch and multi-touch, it seems like all touch is the same. Here’s a crash course to bring you up to speed. Two Important Attributes One…


Dungeons & Dragons done right on Microsoft Surface

I don’t want to put any pressure on Michael and the team over at Carnegie Mellon University, but you guys should be getting an A for your class project this semester. Their Dungeons & Dragons experience called “Surfacescapes” on Microsoft Surface is amazing. This is the future of how computers will aid in board games….


Coldwell Banker Proof-of-Concept

Joe Engalan from Vectorform came in to give me a tour of an application they developed in collaboration with FD Kinesis for Coldwell Banker on Microsoft Surface. This Coldwell Banker proof-of-concept is a great example how Surface can change the way you may buy or sell your home. It extends functionality available on Coldwell Banker’s…


The dream in infrared made real

Because it is a multi-user computer, it’s important for Microsoft Surface to convey rich information to the software designers and developers to create brilliant experiences. Surface uses an vision system to see the interactions of hands and other physical objects. You can build your own vision based computer using parts off the shelf, but what…


Quick. Surface. Basics.

If you want to understand what Surface is, but don’t have a lot of time, here’s your solution. Joe Olsen from Phenomblue does an awesome job summarizing Microsoft Surface in 30 seconds. That’s faster than it took me to cut and paste the video into this post.


nsquared on Microsoft Surface

Dr. Neil of nsquared has collaborated with me in the past on videos about Microsoft Surface. He’s been travelling in Europe training Surface developers. He’s taken this experience and put it into a series of videos geared towards training and other Surface related topics. I’ve embedded the playlist below.