The Settlers of Catan trades up for objects

The last time we looked at The Settlers of Catan on Microsoft Surface was when the game was unveiled at Origins in June. Now it’s on the way to GenCon Indy this week, and the digital version of the game is looking even better. Vectorform has implemented physical dice and visors to magically hide cards….


Vectorform Game Studio and The Settlers of Catan

This week, Origins Game Fair attendees will get the first glimpse at Settlers of Catan on Surface. The game has been developed on Surface by the Microsoft Surface strategic partner, Vectorform and brought to the show by Mayfair Games. Ever since Surface was first released, I’ve heard people say, “I’d love to see Settlers of…


Papermaze on Microsoft Surface

Recently, Vectorform visited our offices to show me a new title they’ve been working on for Surface. It’s a fun maze game that is perfect for hospitality venues where casual-gaming might be found.   Help your paper friend navigate his way home in PaperMaze, a new maze-solving title for the Microsoft Surface.  You lead the small…


Galactic Alliance, four player gaming on Surface

Joe and Filip from Vectorform, a Microsoft Surface strategic partner, were in Redmond recently to show me some of their applications. Galactic Alliance is one I can easily see fitting in at pubs, lobbies or cruise ships. Surface is all about people coming together. Galactic Alliance is a four player strategy / arcade game that…


GDC 2010: Creating multi-touch, multi-user games on Surface

Are you into game design? Have you been designing multi-touch games? Microsoft Surface is a commercial multi-user platform where the end users are the same audience that you create games for on other devices. Games on Surface bring two, four, six or more people together in one social space. They are perfect for the entertainment…


Can anyone be a DJ?

According to Joe Engalan at VectorForm, a Microsoft Surface Partner, you can. They’ve created an entry level DJ application that lets groups join in on the fun. This is when Joe’s team isn’t working on Microsoft Surface with car configurators, presidential election coverage, educational and medical applications to name a few. The DJ started simple,…


Al Roker dances live from CES

The ever-entertaining Al Roker appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning live from CES with Microsoft Surface. He played with VectorForm’s DJ app using faces of NBC newscasters and stars. Pretty fun stuff. See more about Microsoft Surface on our blog @ Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy…


Developers, developers, developers

Robert just posted with a link to our PDC session. Check it out here. Here’s the next part of my interviews with Vectorform. This time I sit down with just the developers to talk about what it’s like to create applications on Surface. There’s some discussion here about WPF, Expression Blend and the Surface SDK….