Ringing in 2011 with new Surface MVPs!

Just in time for the New Year, we have three new Microsoft Surface MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) to join this great group of Surface community members. In short, an MVP is a technical community member who is selected by a group of peers based on their expertise and contributions. Visit the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional…


The Wonder of Light at The Smithsonian

The Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. is now using innovation from Microsoft Surface to showcase some really amazing exhibits. The Microsoft Surface strategic partner InfoStrat, along with the museum staff, created a series of seven applications that are featured at the museum. Opening today, “The Wonder of Light: Touch and Learn!” exhibit is located in…


Charles Schwab on Surface at IMPACT 2010

In Boston this week, Charles Schwab is making an IMPACT. Their annual conference is an opportunity for Schwab clients and partners to get the latest in techniques and technologies to help them keep ahead of an ever-changing curve. This year, Schwab will be using Microsoft Surface and applications created by our Microsoft Surface strategic partner…


Ness Botanic Gardens at the Shanghai Expo

Our Microsoft Surface strategic partner nsquared created a very engaging application on Surface for the Shanghai Expo. The three applications built for Ness Botanic Gardens and Liverpool University are designed to enable groups of visitors to simultaneously explore the history of Ness Gardens. The nsquared applications for Ness Botanic gardens also demonstrate the benefits of multi-user…


msnbc.com digital café

If I say studio tour to anyone who has watched the hit television series 30 Rock, they’ll immediately recall the character Kenneth, the NBC Page. Jack McBrayer’s memorable portrayal of Kenneth is hard to forget. How many of you have been on an actual tour of the NBC studios at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New…


Live Presentation: Robot Command and Control on Surface

This just in: Robot Invasion! That might have grabbed more attention as a headline, but trust me, the content is interesting enough. Watch the video below. In a very short time, Mark Micire over at the University of Massachusetts Lowell Robotics Lab will be defending his doctoral thesis this morning live online at 1pm Eastern…


The Settlers of Catan trades up for objects

The last time we looked at The Settlers of Catan on Microsoft Surface was when the game was unveiled at Origins in June. Now it’s on the way to GenCon Indy this week, and the digital version of the game is looking even better. Vectorform has implemented physical dice and visors to magically hide cards….


The Weather Channel on Microsoft Surface

Andy Drooker and Crispin Southwell from The Weather Channel were in our booth at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference demonstrating an application that they built for Microsoft Surface. It is amazingly deep with detailed information when you look at cities, and there are several mapping overlays that can even show animated views of the weather…


Welcome to WPC 2010

Come visit Microsoft Surface at WPC 2010 in Washington D.C. for some great demos by our Microsoft Surface Partners. Chat with our staff about what it takes to get started with Surface and how you can sign up to become a partner. Catch the booth demo schedule after the video break. [Video: Surface at the…


Object Explore for Travel Agents from Object Consulting

Object Consulting is another one of our Microsoft Surface Strategic Partners out of Australia. Although Australia is one of the many hot spots for Surface development in the world, it’s during their winter that I see much more of our friends from down under. It’s funny how that works. Chris Seymour was recently in Redmond…