Surface Garage: ModeSelector sample control

From the Surface Garage Surface Garage is a community of Microsoft employees that are passionate about Microsoft Surface, Samsung SUR40, computer vision, and natural user interface (NUI) technologies. Last year TechCrunch reporter Devin Coldewey visited the Surface Garage wrote a great article that gives a little more background on the group: “Microsoft’s Surface Garage: A Cross-Department Development Team, With Pizza And Beer.” One of the group’s goals is…

Can't multi-touch this!

One of my colleagues just dug up this photo from TechCrunch50. It’s a TwitPic from jacobmullins of MC Hammer using Microsoft Surface. Next thing you know the really chic nerds will be sporting parachute pants. While we’re on 80’s nostalgia, just say no!


Ashton Kutcher thinks Surface is cool

Years from now we’ll look back remember, today was the day Ashton Kutcher said our favorite NUI device was cool. Scanning the blog traffic I noticed over on Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing that Microsoft Surface made quite an impression at this year’s TechCrunch50 event. Dodge was in the DemoPit, and got an…