TGIF with Holograms

If it wasn’t Friday, I don’t know what we’d do! We sometimes get a little extra energy and need to let it out. Today was one of those days. After a few watercooler conversations about holograms earlier in the week, we got to thinking. The video below is the result.


Surface in the Code Magazine podcast

I got to spend a few minutes talking with Markus Egger from Code Magazine during PDC.  You can listen in on that conversation at the end of their latest podcast: Markus also told me that they just got their developer Surface today 🙂  I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with it and having Surface development covered in…


IdentityMine Surface apps at PDC 2008

While at the PDC 2008 showcase, I stopped by the IdentityMine booth to see what they had cooked up on Microsoft Surface and the touch-enabled Win7. There’s a great application they created for the hospitality industry that lets you take photos with a digital camera, and wi-fi sync that with Surface. It uses a wi-fi…


Surface, your end-users, and you.

I am finally back in quiet Maple Valley, WA, after spending five days in LA meeting and chatting with developers at wildly successful PDC 2008. I was at the conference to interview as many developers, architects, and other IT professionals as my voicebox would allow. First, let me say that PDC, as always, was geekdom at its height–and…


Bryan & Charles

[This is a guest blog post written by Bryan Beatty about one of his PDC experiences.  Bryan is a dev on the SDK team responsible for things such as the SurfaceInkCanvas and TagVisualizer controls.  If you participated in one of our Hands on Labs at PDC, you probably met Bryan and experienced his unparalleled enthusiasm…


Surface on .NET Rocks

Right after our PDC presentation, Doug and I got whisked away by Carl and Richard from .NET Rocks.  We found an empty room somewhere and chatted for about an hour.  It was a blast talking to them about all sorts of Surface-related topics past, present, and future.  You can listen at -Robert


Developers, developers, developers

Robert just posted with a link to our PDC session. Check it out here. Here’s the next part of my interviews with Vectorform. This time I sit down with just the developers to talk about what it’s like to create applications on Surface. There’s some discussion here about WPF, Expression Blend and the Surface SDK….


Developing for Microsoft Surface

Just a quickOur presentation yesterday went amazingly well.  The video and slides are now online here: I’m off to chat with more developers now!  If you have questions about things from our presentation, please post them here. -Robert


I am here at PDC!

Hey guys. I am here at PDC. There’s a lot of people crowded around the Surface booths. We have a hands on lab and a scavenger hunt which are attracting a lot of attention. Our partners are here too and showing a lot of great apps as well. If you’re at PDC, come check us out. In…


Designers and Developers

I was recently at Vectorform, one of our Microsoft Surface partners. I got a group of designers and developers together to chat about developing for Surface. The video is below. The themes we find here aren’t very different from developing for other Microsoft platforms. The tools like Expression Blend really make it simple for teams to work together developing applications…