Touchtech introduces Lima for Samsung SUR40, Windows 8, and Windows 7 multitouch PCs

Touchtech introduces Touchtech Lima, a premium multitouch application that enables anyone to create and present premium interactive presentations using existing pictures, videos and documents. Touchtech Lima is designed for horizontal and vertical interactive displays, like the Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft PixelSense, and will run on any Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC that supports at least two simultaneous touch points. The app even uses Microsoft PixelSense finger orientation capabilities and seamlessly integrates with the Surface Shell for use on the SUR40.

Introducing - Touchtech Lima from Touchtech.

Touchtech Lima is designed to increase the social experience at public locations, like office spaces, exhibitions, retail stores and showrooms. The app enables client’s to leverage their existing content, and provides an especially easy interface to customize the visual appearance of the app to match the client’s brand. Lima makes interacting with your digital content fun and easy for everyone!

Lima focuses on capturing the attention of those walking by and enabling immediately intuitive and fluid experience. It features a screensaver for when it’s not in use. The app lets you easily load content via Dropbox (SkyDrive support is reportedly coming in an upcoming release), USB flash drive, local network or hard drive. The app features a fully 360* user interface for horizontal usage, enabling people to approach and use it from all size; and can be locked to 180* design for vertical deployments. Even more impressive, you can easily flick content to an external monitor and still control it from the primary touchscreen.

The application can read most common file image and video formats including: PDF, SVG, VCF, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel (if Microsoft Office is installed). It even optimizes high resolution photos using mip-mapping for greater speed and performance. Once your content is imported you can even ink and annotate directly on them. The application is a perfect fit as a self-service multitouch kiosk at a museum where the content is managed through Dropbox (which several colleagues can share the content folder).

Touchtech provides a free 30 day trial, and sells the full commercial product with lifetime support included for only €1499/license (one license per PC).

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  1. Someone rated this post with two star without leaving a comment.

    Well about me both Touchtech's app and post are 5 star.

    My compliment to all the Touchtech staff

  2. I agree it is a nice app. SImple in the principle but well done

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