Turner Broadcasting uses GLOBALedit on SUR40 to restore personal touch

Industrial Color Software and Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. are partnering to bring the GLOBALedit LightTable application to the Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft PixelSense. The GLOBALedit LightTable is a leading enterprise application with a 360° user interface designed specifically for several people to share at the same time. The application for SUR40 was created in association with developer Sevensteps. LightTable enables people to connect in real-time with the cloud based GLOBALedit platform to bring photo editing, image markups, layout creation and creative review sessions to life.

"We now live in the best of both worlds, as we have combined the desired human and emotional connection along with the latest digital technology and creative tools to increase productivity," says Christopher Grakal, VP of Photography and Digital Asset Management for Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

GLOBALedit LightTable is debuting at the Createasphere conference in New York city September 27th and 28th  at The New Yorker Hotel, visit Industrial Color at Booth #214 to receive a live demo of LightTable.

To learn more about GLOBALedit LightTable please visit the GLOBALedit blog.

Comments (5)

  1. bart roozendaal says:

    Maybe nice to know that Sevensteps created the Surface app (http://www.sevensteps.com)

  2. wakeSpirit says:

    Who cares about who do the app, it at customer hands now and it does his own amrketing approach. When you buy a car do you want to know who is the engineer who place the motor. Be serious.

  3. Tim says:

    Agreed with wakespirit, we have also build some great application for customers and that's it we have done our job  and customer is happy. Now the app is in the hand of their marketting staff

  4. Bart Roozendaal says:

    Maybe other, new customers care about who created the app. Somehow I've got the feeling software companies need some marketing too. Maybe I'm biased.

  5. Bart Roozendaal says:

    Thanks, James, for adding our name to the story. It is now complete 🙂


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