World meet Patty, Patty say "Hello World"

When I became part of the Microsoft Surface Team almost 3 years ago, as part of the "New Employee Orientation" I had the chance to see how they used robots to stress test Microsoft Surface. I thought that was the most fascinating thing in the world. Until recently, the world did not know about Patty, our stress test robot -- it was one of our "secrets". Channel 9 recently posted an interview with Joe Farro, our Software Test Engineer in charge of Patty. I am posting the video for your enjoyment. And you don't even know about our most useful test tool known as Squiddy -- but that one will have to remain a secret. 😉


Comments (10)

  1. Brijesh Bharadwaj says:

    Just speculating.. but does squidy have something to do with simulating thousands of finger presses.. or something along those lines?

  2. Bas says:

    "Daaaad, I want a Patty!'' ''What?'' ''Look at this video''

  3. Mike Schaiman says:

    Looks good Luis!  Looking forward to the upcoming release.  

  4. Kabadisha says:

    I almost watched this video with interest until I found that it required some batty Silverlight plugin that will only run if I restart my browser in 32bit mode. Obviously from the new MSFail suite…

  5. Jushiro says:


    What browser are you using?

  6. CominO says:


    Firefox 5.0 on my side, and agree with Kabadisha, don't want to download Silverlight…

  7. kaspik says:

    Using bazooka on the fly? Why just dont go to the kindergarten and let kids play with it?

  8. Simulacron says:

    Why would they not use their own engine???!?!?!?!?!?

  9. Peg Winn says:

    Embrace the power of the Linux.  Drop the MS BS and move over to something FREE!!

  10. michal says:

    In the world of HTML5, let's all install Silverlight! yey

    Almost started to watch the video. But since it didn't load in Chrome while I finished writing this comment, I will need to close the tab.

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