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As part of our SDK we have some samples that help developers understand Microsoft Surface development concepts. The goal of the samples that we post on our SDK is to show how to use a given API. In those samples we favor simplicity and clarity sometimes at the expense of how useful the application itself may be. For instance, we have our RawImageVisualizer sample that does a great job showing how to use our Core APIs to query the raw image and show it on the screen; on the other hand all it does is, well, show the raw image.

We also think it is useful to share with the developer community how to write complete functial applications. I am happy to share with you one of these applications. It is called Social Stream for Microsoft Surface 2.0, and it just got posted to

Social Stream for Microsoft Surface is a sample application created in collaboration between Microsoft and Stimulant, Inc. It is an interactive way for businesses to engage their customers face-to-face using the most recent and relevant Twitter™, Flickr®, and RSS newsfeeds.

More information on it at

Comments (6)

  1. Trying to open the solution you will get an arror fro the projects:

    FeedProcessor, SocialStream, SocialTReam.ConfigurationTool

    Saying "Unable to load the project, the imported project was not found…"

    Just edit the csproj file and remove the above line:

     <Import Project="$(ProgramFiles)MSBuildMicrosoftStyleCopv4.4Microsoft.StyleCop.targets" />

    As ever Stimulant makes great user experiences, my compliment!

  2. Download says:

    It seems the social streaming is no longer available, keeps prompting to login with the developer credentials, is this true?

  3. Chekib Kchouk says:

    I am getting an error telling me that (.wixproj) is not supported by this application when I tried to open this sample in VS 2010. I have the surface 2.0 SDK installed and did not see any other requirements needed for this app to run. Did you guys test this before releasing it?

  4. silverarc says:

    running into the same .wixproj issue as Chekib.  what does that mean?

  5. silverarc says:

    ok multiple issues, but got it to work:

    1.  remove the installer project.  don't need it if you running locally on local machine.

    2.  make sure resources directory is available where it is looking for it.

    3.  In the SocialStream.ConfigTool project, modify AssemblyInfo.config

    //[assembly: AssemblyVersion("1.0.$WCREV$.0")]

    //[assembly: AssemblyFileVersion("1.0.$WCREV$.0")]

    REMOVE $WCREV$ and replace with 0 – looks like some build related variable.

    After this all was well.

  6. silverarc says:

    also remove the

    <Import Project="$(ProgramFiles)MSBuildMicrosoftStyleCopv4.4Microsoft.StyleCop.targets" />

    from .csproj files, as someone earlier mentioned.  thanks

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