A new book that explains Microsoft Surface development! … and a new library on codeplex!

Joshua Blake from Infostrat (one of our partners), is working on a book on WPF multi-touch development, including many chapters on Surface development.

The book, called Multitouch on Windows , can be bought using Manning Early Access Program (click here).

Also Blake posted this week a library that can be used freely by other developers.

In Josh’s own words:

“Blake.NUI is a collection of controls and other code useful for multi-touch development with WPF 4 and Surface. It includes several reusable and configurable components from my book and other personal projects like NaturalShow. You can read more about the details on my blog (http://nui.joshland.org/2010/07/announcing-blakenui-multi-touch-nui.html) or the project site(http://blakenui.codeplex.com/)

 One thing I'm particularly excited about is SurfaceTouchDevice, which enables you to write code against the WPF 4 Touch API and run it on Surface v1. With minimal project structuring, you can reuse 99% of the same code between Surface and Windows 7. (You have to install .NET 4 on Surface, though.)”

I love it when our partners create reusable components that can be used by the larger development ecosystem!

Luis E. Cabrera
Platform Program Manager
Microsoft Surface

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