Vectorform Game Studio and The Settlers of Catan

CatanThis week, Origins Game Fair attendees will get the first glimpse at Settlers of Catan on Surface. The game has been developed on Surface by the Microsoft Surface strategic partner, Vectorform and brought to the show by Mayfair Games. Ever since Surface was first released, I’ve heard people say, “I’d love to see Settlers of Catan on Surface.”  Now, their wish is granted. Microsoft Surface is in a variety of lobbies, cruise ships and other venues all over the world. Venue owners interested in purchasing this game should contact Vectorform for more information on availability.

Settlers of Catan has been at the front of the pack when it comes to strategic board games. It has been translated into over 30 languages and has sold more than 15 million copies. We’ve seen it on many different platforms, including the PC and Xbox 360. Surface, while digital, brings the game back to the tabletop with real-world objects. Four people can play and interact all at the same time on Surface’s large 30” screen. You can learn more about the game, still in development, over at the Vectorform blog.

We hope to see more video footage coming out of Origins Game Fair this week. If you’re at the event, look for the Mayfair Games booth, #501 (hint: they have the largest exhibitor space at the show) and let us know over at Twitter if you’ve posted any video.

[Video: Vectorform - The Settlers of Catan]

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