Papermaze on Microsoft Surface

Recently, Vectorform visited our offices to show me a new title they’ve been working on for Surface. It’s a fun maze game that is perfect for hospitality venues where casual-gaming might be found.  

Help your paper friend navigate his way home in PaperMaze, a new maze-solving title for the Microsoft Surface.  You lead the small blob through a sketched maze by tracing his path with your finger.  Try not to get lost though, since completing the maze in a shorter time gives you a higher score!  Featuring 3 modes of difficulty, signature leader boards and 30 levels of play, PaperMaze is sure to capture your heart and mind.  Contact Vectorform at for information in purchasing this title for the Microsoft Surface.

[Video: Vectorform's Papermaze on Microsoft Surface]

I remember playing maze games on mainframe computers back in the day when you had to couple a Ma-Bell phone to a modem to transfer data and print the maze on teletype paper to run the maze with a pencil.. we’ve come a long way since then!

- Eric (follow Surface on Twitter and Facebook)

Comments (2)

  1. Sneakyness says:

    Woah, looks like something I could really get lost in 😉

  2. Billy says:

    looks pretty amazing!

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