Microsoft Surface Bluetooth Connect Code Sample Now Available for Download

This sample helps developers integrate Bluetooth connectivity into their Microsoft Surface applications.  It can be used to can send content to Bluetooth equipped mobile devices – without the need for client-side applications.

The sample demonstrates sharing pictures, contacts and ringtones to a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone; with a whole range of additional possibilities enabling enhanced assisted sales, gaming, education, and communication scenarios.

The Microsoft Surface Bluetooth Connect Code Sample is now available for download from the MSDN Code Gallery at:

This code sample is designed for use with the Microsoft Surface 1.0 SP1 SDK and makes use of the .NET Bluetooth library binary file available from  The sample code is provided "as-is" and is not supported.

[Video: Microsoft Surface Bluetooth Connect Code Sample]

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Comments (4)

  1. shaggygi says:

    Too bad the 1st version of Windows Phone 7 won't be in the supported device list to work with this Surface feature:(

  2. eDoDe says:

    Nice to have this.. I want to try my copy now…

  3. aquestion says:

    Does this sample work with Surface Simulator – when running this sample in Surface Simulator on a bluetooth enabled PC – or does it work only on an actual Surface device?

  4. It was written for an actual surface device. That said, the Bluetooth APIs are not specific to Surface. You could try it on your bluetooth enabled PC.

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