Surface and Carnegie Mellon at PAX with D&D

For the uninitiated to the Penny Arcade Expo, I can best describe it as a gaming conference by the fans, for the fans. This conference is normally held in Seattle to sell out and capacity crowds. This year Gabe and Tycho gave the fans (which includes themselves) even more by expanding to Boston with PAX East. This has made it accessible to even more fans who couldn't make the trek to Seattle. Intrigued? There's a brilliant blog post that puts PAX in perspective.

I’ve been talking a lot about the Carnegie Mellon University grad student project that brought the Dungeons & Dragons proof-of-concept to Microsoft Surface. You can learn more about WHY (and read the disclosures that it’s an academic project and not a shipping application) in my previous blog post on the topic. It will help put this into perspective as to why it is relevant to Surface.

This is the second time Surface has been at PAX. The reception is just as warm here in Boston. We’re located in the tabletop gaming area, room 111. (Tabletop HQ & Library) Fans of Surface or D&D can sit down and play with the Carnegie Mellon team. If you’re at PAX, you really should stop by – even if D&D isn’t your cup of tea – you’ll find out just how accessible Surface can make this game for the uninitiated.

I’ll be reporting in throughout the weekend, so make sure to check back in.

- Eric (follow Surface on Twitter and Facebook)

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  1. hugheser says:

    Thank you for the link.  I wrote the PAX tips post.  I was able to see D&D on the Surface but unfortunately wasn’t able to play it.  I did hover over some poor person for several minutes on a couple different occasions so I could watch.  It is pretty incredible.  I can’t wait for the Surface technology to become more accessible.  There is so much potential.  I dream of the day I can play D&D on my Surface coffee table. 🙂

    Please bring it to PAX Prime in Seattle.  I would love to get another opportunity to play it.

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