TechFest 2010 and “Mobile Surface”

I’m seeing a lot of Tweets about Microsoft unveiling a Mobile Surface at TechFest 2010 this week. Every year when Microsoft Research opens it’s doors to the press, there is a lot of buzz.

Last year, about this same time, there was a lot of talk about SecondLight. This was another Microsoft Research project. SecondLight used an LCD screen as a sort of shutter to allow for two levels of display and interaction – on the tabletop, and above the tabletop.

Picture1This year, the excitement is around this new project, dubbed Mobile Surface. Now, to be clear, the project isn’t the next version of Microsoft Surface. It’s a prototype building on what Andy Wilson created as PlayAnywhere back in 2005 and similar 3D actions like what Andy and his collaborators showed as Interactions in the Air. While what we’re seeing at TechFest isn’t necessarily a new concept, it utilizes newer technology to make things a bit smaller and shows off some of that 3D interaction in some fun demos. What do you think?

As always, we at Microsoft are working toward that future where interaction is seamless in the real world, as well as with devices. Microsoft Research and Microsoft Applied Sciences is where a lot of that work begins. Speaking of new interaction models - possibly some of you saw the video on Skinput this week? Very cool indeed.

- Eric (follow Surface on Twitter and Facebook)

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  1. nimbus says:

    Event: Nimbus 2012 | Technical Fest

    Organised by: National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur (H.P.)

    Key dates:

    Fest dates: 15th-18th March 2012


    NIMBUS, the annual technical festival of NIT Hamirpur, as a reference to its name, is aura. An aura of knowledge. An aura of technology. An aura that is set ablaze with creative ideas, nurtured with dedication and sheer hard work and brought to climax by the passion of the students. NIMBUS, in all its spirit is a concoction of the aforenamed qualities. A new fragrance rules the air, a hushed murmur is widespread in the whole state and the atmosphere acquires a flamboyant feel. Sprawled across a time span of four days, this fest comprises of events that go a far way in honing the technical and managerial skills of students. It is four days of knowledge, exuberance, growth and fun, an end to which always leaves students in anticipation for the next year.

    After six years, since its unveiling in 2005, NIMBUS has come a long way from new events that test and improve the skills of students, being added every year to bigger sponsors coming forward to finance Himachal's grandest and largest technical extravaganza.


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