Surface lands in Heathrow

Heathrow Our Microsoft Surface Strategic Partner, Splendid, created an experience for advertiser JCDecaux Airport showcasing watches by TAG Heuer. That’s a brilliant collection of brands! JCDecaux is running a month-long brand awareness campaign where you’ll find Surface in London Heathrow airport at Terminal 5’s gate room and lounge.

Screenshot This is an excellent example of how Surface can bring people literally in touch with a brand like TAG Heuer. The application lets visitors learn about and get travel times for popular destinations. Visitors can learn more about the Swiss brand’s watches, retail locations and can view photos from TAG Heuer's sponsored auto racing events. Each activity has a direct tie-in to the popular timepieces. If you find a watch you love, just enter your email to get additional information sent directly to you.

More info available via this article.

- Eric (follow Surface on Twitter and Facebook)

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