Developing an installer for your Surface application

Many folks have asked me in the past how to build an installer for their Surface application.  I recommend using Windows Installer XML to do this because it is a free and powerful production quality installer toolset.  To get folks started I have put together a sample solution with an installer project that solves some common problems like supporting upgrade, checking for Surface software, and configuring the application to appear in Surface Shell.  The sample should meet the applicable Certified for Microsoft Surface requirements.

To build the sample you must have Visual Studio 2008 and Wix 3.0 installed.  If you want to reuse the sample make sure you address all the “TODO” comments to customize the sample to your purposes.

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  1. says:

    I am new to surface development and I cannot seem to get a web browser to work.   I added the webbrowser component from the tool "choose item" but it does not seem to work for me.  Is there a code snippit somone has used?



  2. ericstj says:

    @Jeff: I noticed this post on the forums that discusses the same issue:

    When I have needed web-content in the past I have looked for a webservice that provides the data I need, then designed a UI using Surface controls to display that data.  Just another option to consider.

  3. jhon carlos says:

    es una gran solucion para los instaladores lo quiero probar

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