Service Pack 1 Officially Released Today!

Here at Microsoft Surface we've been actively engaged with our Community of customers and nearly 180 Microsoft Surface Partners in 11 countries. And in response to the feedback we received, we developed Service Pack 1 to allow for faster and easier development of innovative, natural experiences on the Microsoft Surface platform. The SDK supports development on any .NET framework and is optimized for WPF and XNA.

As we announced last week, we'll be sharing all the good stuff about the Microsoft Surface Service Pack 1 at Microsoft TechEd 2009 today. In their session, Robert and Doug will be going through many of the new features with real code so you can see what it's like to actually develop a Microsoft Surface application. Their presentation at PDC '08 had excellent reviews, so.. If you're at TechEd today, make sure to get to Session DTL337 from 2:45-4pm in room 408B.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the Service Pack 1 feature highlights..

Application Development

  • API enhancements, WFP library and menu controls

  • Stress testing tool

  • 128-big identity tag resources

New platform capabilities

  • Enabling users to quickly switch between applications using tagged object routing

  • Background service application support 

Improved User Interface

  • Improved "Access Points"

  • Single application mode

  • Touch/contact feedback and visualization


  • Localized end-user and administrative interface in available counties

  • New calibration guides removing need for external display during configuration

  • Microsoft Update integration

  • Microsoft Management Pack support

- Eric

contact visualization Contact Visualizations

code videw

library control Library Control

element menu Menu Control

Comments (2)

  1. shaggygi says:

    Pretty cool.  Is it possible to use Surface SDK with a HP TouchSmart PC?  If not, will similar functions be added to WPF?  Meaning…. will some of the Menu Controls be added for WPF applications?  Cood stuff.  Keep up the good work.

  2. lwilli1236 says:

    What are the link to download SP1 for win 7 RC?

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